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Jovon Dancy

New South Wales, Australia

Originally from Pittsburg, California,  Jovon currently lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and 3 kids. As a SMWW Graduate, Jovon's knowledge of basketball stems from playing over 20 years. Through his years of playing with and against players that went on to become professional athletes in the US and Overseas Jovon has developed a strong knowledge and love of the game. 

Jovon's goal as a basketball scout is to provide WorldWide athletes the right opportunity to become a college Athlete. As a basketball scout for SMWW, It allows Jovon access to colleges in the US and helps him give parents the right direction for there sons and daughters education.

Jovon has found his passion in developing kids and has co-founded Clutch Basketball Academy Australia to develope basketball skills of the kids here and to bridge the gap between the way players are developed in Australia to the way they are developed in the US. 

Sports Management Worldwide 

Portland, Oregon, USA
Basketball GM and Scouting Course
Training Included: NBA and Collective Bargaining Agreement, Scouting Reports, General Manager Practices, Video editing through Synergy, And mentored by Joshua Url and Mark Warkentien Director of player personal New York Knicks.