Chad Hahn

Winter Haven, Florida, United States

My name is Chad Hahn, born and raised in Hollywood, FL currently living in Winter Haven, FL. I'm 31 years old and played high school football (played WR/FS) and was recruited for college but I had to take care of my mother fianacially so I had to stop my playing career and help my mother out, always knowing my goal in life was to eventually get into the NFL one day someway, somehow. I now have 13 years of management experience and have run my own retail store for 8 years. I've always had a passion for football. A die hard Dolphins fan since I was 2 years old. I started really learning the nuances of the game when I worked on the field for 2 years at Joe Robbie Stadium when I was a kid. I realized I had a great eye for talent when I've watched film on youtube and watched the nfl combine on tv for years and have consistently picked the diamonds in rough. You see this is my passion in life and now I'm pursuing my goal in life, which is to work my way up through the personnel department to become a General Manager. I have now become a certified scout being trained in the fields of : Responsibilities of a football general manager, football contracts and player negotiation, football players evaluation; body type, mental makeup, playing ability, physical tools learned how to identify players who will succeed in the NFL, college scouting and rating college talent as it pertains to the NFL draft, traditional football scouting vs. new high tech scouting, techniques to evaluating the college all star games, relationships between the NFL, UFL, AFL and CFL leagues, player contracts, player trades and acquisitions, football franchise and stadium operations, how to run the front office of a football franchise, NFL war room strategies, capology & team contract negotiations, landing quality players through free agency and trades, negotiations with agents and players, NFL Draft combine evaluation; Shuttle, Vertical Jump, L-Cone, Forty & Broad Jump, the making of a football scouting report, the language of football scouting, NFL Draft preparation, cap value of a player, in-depth analysis on team spending vs. player production, in-depth analysis on the draft and free agency trends, player contracts, player trades, and acquisitions, capology and team contract negotiations. I've been mentored by NFL experts Mark Dominik, Russ Lande, and John Wooten. I'm currently working with Dan Shonka at Ourlads NFL scouting services LLC. I would cherish an opportunity to work for a pro team.
I'm currently the Southeastern Regional Scouting and Marketing Director with American Football Networks.  You will not find a person that is more hardworking or dedicated to achieving a goal than me. I'm available anytime so feel free to contact me.