Dany Gelinas

St Marcel-sur-Aude, France


Arrived in Europe (France) in 1987 as a foreign player, I've installed in France from 1987 to 2001 I worked as athletic director and coach mentor in all the clubs I've played. I held several positions within the leagues and the French federation such as technical coordinator of departmental selections (big west), and acts as Interregional coach and regional sport director. In addition I had as a function of the position of athletic director "Pôle des Sports de Glace" of the league Bretagnes and Pays de Loire. To finish with France, I was the France national team coach U20 from 2004 to 2006.2001 is synonymous with arrival in Switzerland (Geneva), and there I stopped my playing career and I am 100% dedicated to the development of young players, the sporting director of minor hockey coach and team time Junior elite. 2005 marks a turning point in my career, I change level, I'm a professional coach also GM in National Hockey League B, I still do to this day. I made a small detour to Slovenia and served as athletic director of the federation and coach U18 / U20 and assistant team A.

1993-1994: .License sport educator 1rst degree specific ice hockey, France Teaching, organization, management of sport and physical activity

1999-2000: .License sport educator 2nd degree specific ice hockey, France Technical development, training and management training

2003-2004: .Instructor and trainer of apprentice, Switzerland Master learning

2004-2007: .Various training Swiss course - From Swiss Federation Hockey League - From Swiss Olympic

2011 .Sport Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA
Hockey GM & Scouting, certificate, 2011

2013 .Sport Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA
Athlete Management, certificate, 2013

2015 . Entraîneur de la relève J+S National . Trainer/-in Spitzensport mit eidg. Diplom» und dem «J+S-Nachwuchstrainer National».

2016 . Expert J+S diploma . J+S-Experten

Career Information
1987: arrived in France as a professional player
1987-2001: Coach and sports director in France / national coach in France U20 (2 world championships)
2001-2009: coach and sports director and manager in Switzerland
2010-2012: National coach in Slovenia U18-U20 and first team (3 world championship)
2012-2017: coach and sports director in Switzerland
2015-2017 National Coach in France U20 (3 World Championships)
2005-2017: TV commentator and analyst (Teleclub)

Sports Background
I had the chance to play baseball, soccer and basketball. I have a global vision of sport, I was very lucky to practice sport as an art of living.

Mission Statement
My mission as a Scout is to allow a young player to get better visibility and give them a chance to continue their road to success.
My other job is to make sure that young players and their families are in control of the projects. The school project and the sports project.
The two make one!