Garrett Morkill

Seattle, Washington, United States

Garrett Morkill is an avid football fan and a die-hard Seahawks supporter.   He grew up in Spokane, WA and is currently living in Seattle.  Garrett went to University of Washington graduating with a BA in Political Science and Communications.  Immediately after graduating, he went into the US Peace Corps where he served as an Environmental Specialist in West Africa for two years.  During his amazing experience in The Gambia he missed few things- friends, family, AC, and football.  Upon returning Garrett knew he had to pursue his passion in working in the football industry- for himself and others who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to chase their dreams. Garrett has always loved playing, watching, and analyzing sports and being away from football in a society where people have few options to follow their dreams he knew when he returned to the states he needed to pursue his dream of  becoming a NFL scout and eventually a GM.

Garrett am currently working in Bellevue as a Digital Advisory Associate for Morgan Stanley, and though he enjoys financial planning and following the market, it is not his first and ultimate passion- which is football.  Garrett never played organized football; however he played a wide variety of sports including rugby- the sport football derived from- which gives him a unique perspective and skill.  His love for football started at a young age where he spent every Saturday and Sunday watching the game with his father.  After doing some research he found SMWW and decided to take the course because of the experienced instructors, the reputation of the course, and the importance of networking.  Garrett has strong analytical and problem-solving skills and utilizes keen observation abilities to write detailed scouting reports.  My value comes from my deep passion, understanding and appreciation for football and sports in general.

BA in Political Science and Communications
University of Washington

Sports Background
Played wide range of sports including: rugby, soccer, baseball, golf, and basketball.
Provincial Rugby Champions '09

Volunteer Work
Meals on Wheels, IRC, SolidGround