James Glover

Hempstead, Texas, United States


James Glover was born and raised in a small town in Texas called Hempstead. In Hempstead we live and breathe sports. We follow the seasons, not by the time of year it is but by what sport is going on at the time. So it is very safe to say he grew up playing every sport that he could. He loved the challenge of a good game. He played all through his academic years in school. He was even offered scholarships at some of the best schools in Texas. But due to a sports injury he was unable to continue to play the games that he loved at competition level. So he turned his love of sports to teaching. He mentors and coach young athletes in our community. To help them to achieve their dreams of wanting to be a professional athlete. It gives him a sense of accomplishment giving back to his community. He volunteers on several sports boards and now has his  own Sports Camp and Training Program that he offer to the community. He also took his love of the game a step further and became a professional referee. So he really does know his sports inside and out.

He strongly believed in helping the youth of his community be successful but he wanted to be successful along with them. To show them that no matter your age or what has happened to you in the past that you can always set goals and strive to be better. So he returned to school to get a certificate that will help him to scout his athletes on a more professional manner and be able to help learn not only how to be a good athlete but to show them the importance of education. That to be a supreme athlete, not only do you need to be fit physically but mentally prepared to be a leader and mentor to those who come behind you.   

He is ready and willing to help the athletes he trains and scouts to become all they dream of in this world we call sports.