Josh Liskiewitz

Millersville, Maryland, United States


In January of 2007 I discovered Sports Management Worldwide by chance on the internet, and suddenly the light bulb turned on.  I have always had a deep passion for football that has extended well beyond the realm of fandom.  In particular, I have had a continued infatuation with the NFL Draft, and the in depth world of football scouting.  While a career in sports never seemed practical to me in college, suddenly, SMWW was able to make what was once nothing more than a fantasy a genuine opportunity.  While taking the Football GM & Scouting Course, I learned about NFL scouting techniques and general manager practices, video editing and Coaches Office, statistical analysis, scouting reports and the NFL collective bargaining agreement.                                               
Since taking the class I have been breaking down film and writing my own reports – Between the 2007 and 2008 college seasons I wrote upwards of 200 full page scouting reports on incoming NFL prospects, based off of at least 40 hours of film study per week.  In January of 2009 I joined Russ Lande’s team at GMJr.  I attended practices for the 2010 East West Shrine Game, and both the 2009 and 2010 Senior Bowl, and broke down position groups that were assigned daily by Mr. Lande, and contributed to The Sporting News “Daily Dish,” as well as both the 2009 and 2010 Sporting News Draft Guide Magazine.  I also attended the 2009 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall, and provided on-line content for The Sporting News War Room, and will be doing the same for this year’s draft. I am also producing reports for the annual GMJr Draft Book.
I am certain that by reading this sample of reports you will appreciate my thoroughness and depth of knowledge, as well as my clear commitment to learning the nuances of the game.  I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about any job opportunities you may have.  Please feel free to contact me at