Kevin Hoffman

Avon, Connecticut, United States

Kevin has over 25 years experience coaching hockey in Canada and the United States. Kevin was raised on a farm near Stony Plain, Alberta, a small town about 20 miles west of Edmonton, next to Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender Glenn Hall. Kevin played minor hockey in northern Alberta and Senior A (semi pro) for the Northmen in Calgary, Alberta.

Kevin was a coach and player with Team Canada in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 President’s Cup in Minsk, Belarus, an international ice hockey tournament organized and sponsored by the President of Belarus. In 2006, he was founder, coach and player of the 1st Annual Lila Sigal Hockey Marathon, a charity for the McGill Cancer Nutrition and Rehabilitation program at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital. 

Kevin’s coaching experience includes the Lac Saint Louis Lions AAA, Kuper Academy in Montreal as well as the Wilkes Barre Scranton Knights, the Pee Wee Rangers, New Jersey Colonials, Connecticut Oilers and most recently with the New England Junior Falcons and the Hartford Jr Wolfpack.

Kevin’s educational background includes a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama.

Kevin currently presides over Aerospace Concepts and Project JANUS as President and CEO.

In 2011 Kevin was nominated and awarded the prestigious Aerospace Engineer and Mechanics Distinguished Fellow status from the University of Alabama.

That same year, Kevin founded the Lilly Hoffman Heart Foundation to help families with children who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects.  He currently serves as Chairman of this Foundation.

Kevin’s primary interest and focus is on teaching and developing young hockey players. His thesis for Level 5 coaching was “Teaching Players to Transition from Playing a Position to Playing a Role”.

In 2015, Kevin founded SEAGAT (Scouting, Evaluations, Analysis, Goals and Training) to utilize technology and analytics to teach hockey sense and scout players. SEAGAT is a Hockey IQ training model that trains and prepares elite hockey players for the demands of playing at higher levels of competition. SEAGAT is a program designed to teach hockey sense to minor hockey players (Pee Wee to Professional) as well as Scout players using video analysis and analytics. 

Our goal is create an operating system for virtual coaching and training and make it available online to all minor hockey players in the United States and Canada.

Our Objective is to assist players in the successful completion of several aspects of Player Development, including Scouting and Scouting Reports, Hockey Game Analysis and Video, Goal Setting and Tracking,  On and Off ice Physical testing using the NSST methods, Training Plans and On ice Instruction to assist in meeting their goals. Hockey Sense is one of the most important attributes a player can possess and is a key prerequisite to playing the game at the highest levels of competition. Hockey Sense can be taught and at SEAGAT we utilize a detailed and proven process to train and develop smarter hockey players through specific Hockey Intelligence training. If you want to become a great player and move up to the next level, you have to become a smarter player.

SEAGAT utilizes video analysis and technology combined with parameters that are defined by experienced coaches and their “Eyeball Tests”. Although a portion of analytics is statistical, a large majority of a player’s performance is qualitative. SEAGAT takes the qualitative analysis from video and quantifies it. The results are improving hockey sense in the player and enabling coaches and scouts to recruit players based on unbiased numerical data.

Our approach is simple. The analytics, statistics and computational results back up the Eyeball Tests of the experienced coach. It proves analytically what the coach already sees on the ice. 


  • USA Hockey Master Level 5 Coach
  • Hockey Canada – Competition and Development I
  • Hockey GM and Scouting – Sports Management Worldwide
  • Athlete Management – Sports Management Worldwide
  • Hockey Analytics – Sports Management Worldwide