Leon Hughes

Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States


Leon began working  as an entry level scout  for Indoor Football Scouting Bureau after completing an internship with former NFL scout Russ Lande,founder of GM Jr www.gmjr.com and author of GM Jr?s Guide To The NFL Draft. Leon quickly rose up the ranks from entry level scout to area scout covering sections of Ohio and Pa within his territory. After completing all assignments in a timely manner Leon was promoted to Central Region Scouting Director. Leon's hard work and effort and passion for scouting & football in general played a key role in his advancement. In April 2007 , Leon was given the added title of National Scouting Coordinator where his duties will include interviewing potential scouting candidates, reviewing research and phone assignments, and educating the scouts on our policies and procedures... Leon also write independent scouting reports and mini evals on qualified college seniors, draft board prospects with free agent grades as well as the top performing pro indoor players from previous years draft classes who have clearly played above their competition and warrant potential for advancement. His DivIA college scouting will focus on the Big East Conference seniors with free agent grades and non draft board free agents. Leon also contributes information on prospects from the A-10 (IAA), PSAC & MIAA (D2), and the OAC & NCAC D3 conferences.Leon has since then started his own independent scouting service Football National Scouting. Here at Football National Scouting our goals are to be another avenue for players to get exposure to all levels of professional football. We do this through different venues such as scouting reports, mini evaluations. We also have many tools at our disposal, we also work with several teams at different levels,  who are looking for good, skilled players at all levels. In today's game marketing and self promotion is vital to insure you are getting yourself in front of as many decision makers as possible. Our online database allows us to post your player bio/resume online & upload video footage to keep teams up to date on your performances.We can include game film ,combine video, stats, & updated testing times. CFL, NFL & NFLE coaches, scouts , & personnel execs have free access to view profiles through our log in access. Never pay postage again. We also email as many team coaches, scouts and personnel executives as you are interested in introducing yourself to.  All this networking is to help you the player!!!