Michael Turner

San Tan Valley, Arizona, United States


Hello.  My name is Mike Turner.  I am 29 years old and currently live in the Greater Phoenix area.  I have been involved in hockey in some capacity or another since I was a teenager. played for a couple of years in college, a fan of the game for as long as I can remember, or involved in retail operations for the Columbus Blue Jackets for 3-4 years.
My objective and long-term goal is to use everything I have learned not just through my experience in and around hockey, but from SMWW as well, to someday be involved in the creation, building, and successful icing of a hockey team, be it at the professional levels or any other level of the game.  I'm capable of not only scouting, but giving feedback on the scouting reports of others, and I am highly motivated to do the very best that I can with all of the tools that I currently possess.
Degrees, Accomplishments, and Qualifications:

Associate's Degree in Business, University of Phoenix
Bachelor's Degree in Sport Management, Ohio Dominican Univerity
Certified TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) teacher, with experience teaching abroad in Japan.
Sports Management Worldwide Hockey GM/Scouting course, certified scout.
Qualified and capable of using both STEVA Hockey video scouting program, and RinkNet scouting.
Basic understanding and ability to code in HTML, as well as advanced understanding of both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice (freeware alternative to MSOffice).
Superior writing skills as well as writing speed (90+ WPM).


To seek an opportunity to be an intern, or find an entry level position, with any hockey league or club ranging from the Juniors to Professionals in North America (NHL, AHL, Collegiate, et al.).
To be involved in scouting and team operations in a capacity that would show just how determined, intelligent, and resourceful I can be.
To someday be active in the day to day operations of either a professional scouting organization such as the International Scouting Services, or the hockey operations of a National Hockey League club.


My LinkdIn profile, for making business connections and acquaintances.
My hockey blog, Army of the Ohio, a blog I once used to write on the Columbus Blue Jackets, now largely defunct but still useful as an example of my thoughts on the game, as well as knowledge and scouting abilities during individual games.