Payton Minott

Brooklyn , New York, United States

Payton Minott is born in Brooklyn, New York and has an amateur background in High School and AAU experience. Payton has played with a few division 1 and professional players and that are currently playing today, during his early years playing the game of basketball. With his experience seeing top players and playing with talent at an early age he has an eye for players with high-level skill set. Also, has built relationships with the same players he has played with off the court. Minott has learned the mentality of top-level players that separates them the competition. He has also seen their characteristics as a person, which saw how they treat their teammates and coaches. Payton always has been a student of the game and saw it from a mental standpoint. He looks for players who play the game fundamentally sound and where a player can contribute to a team instantly.

Mr. Minott still have has a continuous love and passion of the game and willing to use his scouting experience he has learned from SMWW to provide scouting services.