Raj Thompson

Downey, California, United States


My name is Raj Thompson and I'm a former football athlete that's looking to get back into the sports world.  I really would like the opportunity to play football again because I know I can still play.  I've kept myself in shape so I know I can jump back into it.  However if I don't get the opportunity to showcase my talent I want to become a football scout in the NFL.  Playing football all my life I have gained knowledge of the sport and I know what coaches are looking for in potential professional players.  Being around many coaches I've been able to pick up on certain qualities that they want such as first step quickness for a receiver, running ability of a running back, breaking out of a back pedal without a false step for a defensive back.  I believe being a scout is a great way to break into the business and it is exciting to evalutate players and help them reach their goals